When Chris Brown burst on the scene back in 2005 with the single "Run It", there wasn't a lot that Chris couldn't do. He was on top of the charts, he was making movies and he had one of the baddest chic's on his arms Rihanna.

Unfortunately that all changed when he was accused of abusing his then girlfriend Rihanna. There were plenty of stories on both sides, but there was a lot of curiosity on whether or not he would be able to get back on the charts and back to the status of where he was. This Thursday there will be a new documentary released in limited theaters based on his rise, fall and subtle rise back to the top. The documentary is called Chris Brown "Welcome To My Life". Check out the trailer below.

Chris Brown- Welcome To My Life (Trailer)

Be listening up this week for your time to call and win tickets. You must be at least 18 years of age or older in order to win tickets to see one of the most intimate documentaries to hit theaters this year.


Chris Brown- "Party":

Chris Brown- "Fine China":

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