Today in Tha Wire money can make some people, do the ugliest things. Louisiana rap icon Boosie Badazz is dealing with the ultimate betrayal right about now.  Allhiphop reports the rapper realized someone gained access to his bank account, so he notified the bank, locked the account and filed a police report.

According to reports the incident came to a head about a month ago. Boosie noticed somebody had hacked his account, because money was starting to disappear in large amounts. So authorities launched an investigation, and the conclusion led to a shocking outcome. TMZ alleges they obtained a copy of the police report, and it revealed Boosie's brother was behind the whole thing. Damn...who needs enemies?

It's crazy, but authorities say Boosie's own brother had hacked his Capital One Bank account and made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Taquari Hatch had been slowing draining his brothers account, by several transactions made with 8 different names, and wire transfers totally more than than $361,000! The police report alleges Taquari made a transfer as high as $80K during one transaction. He reportedly made off with the funds by wiring money to associates, then picking up the cash at a later time. Wtf?

Authorities say Taquari sealed his own fate during a phone conversation with a Capital One customer service rep. He allegedly told the rep he was married, and that ultimately blew his cover. Boosie Boo, whose real name is Torrence Hatch, isn't married. Everybody knows that, including the Cap. One rep. Customer service notified the bank's fraud department, and that was how he got caught.

Boosie said his licence came up missing about two years ago, and that's believed to be how his account got hacked. Meanwhile, the rap superstar requested Capital One reverse all the transactions. The bank has already replace several thousand

As for Taquari. He was arrested last week and charged with Identity Fraud, and Bank Fraud. No doubt he'll do some time for this. Boosie has gotta be devastated, I know I would be. The rap legend posted this on his Instagram page in regard to what happened:

It's just a really sad situation. Wishing you well Boosie. Do you. For more entertainment news, listen to Tha Wire daily on The People's Station 107 Jamz.



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