Boosie's brother, Taquari Hatch, says don't believe the hype. Yesterday he responded to allegations, he stole hundreds of thousands from his brother. Hatch took to social media saying, "there's no peace of mind like knowing that you're innocent." Police worked with the Capital One Bank fraud department, to investigate who was behind hacking into Boosie's account.

As previously reported, the rap legend reported large sums of money were being taken out of his account without his permission. An extensive investigation revealed his own brother was behind the theft. Police alleged Taquari pretended to be Boosie and blew his own cover, when he told a Capital One customer service rep he was married. The rep grew suspicious and, notified the bank's fraud department, which ultimately sparked a full fledged investigation. Follow the money, find the thief. TMZ obtained police reports that revealed Sunday July 30, the trail led them to Taquari.

Vladtv reports Boosie whose real name is, Torrence Hatchfiled a claim with Capital One last year. He reported that up to eight different names were used to transfer a half million dollars from his account. XXL Magazine reported the rapper saying when it first started happening, he was on top of things. Boosie said he's been working with authorities and the bank for a while, trying to find out what was going on. So everything points to Taquari, yet he's denying those claims. Taquari says he will be vindicated, insisting that he's the victim of internet trolls and haters.

Taquari posted a video on Instagram pleading his case, and below is what he has to say on the matter:

It's crazy situation that's for sure. Anytime something like this happens, it can destroy a family forever. I hope for his sake he can prove he's innocent. We wish them both the best. Of course with any new details on the case, I will bring you the scoop. In the meantime for all things entertainment, get the goods every weekday with Tha Wire, and only on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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