If you would like to save some dough the next time you take the family out to eat, music legend Brian McKnight has put his stamp of approval on the new 3 For Me special at Chili's restaurant! Seriously. McKnight goes as far as taking food orders and singing the praises of the new Chili's meal deal.

Just peep the video below! Watch as he attempts to take customers' orders while trying to convince them, he is not himself.

Lol! Go, Brian. I gotta admit I was pleasantly surprised the famous singer had jokes! He was really funny in that commercial! Needless to say, Chili's does have a nice hook-up with the 3 For Me meal deal. The price is determined by your choice of entrée, but it starts at $10.99. Customers have a bunch of options and can upgrade to a margarita for an additional $2.49!

Kodos to Chili's for landing the likes of Brian McKnight, to help promote their new meal deal too! It was pretty cool the way they put that together. Speaking of Brian McKnight...on another note, the R&B superstar is coming back to Lake Charles! See him live on Friday, June 23 at the Golden Nugget Casino!

Brian McKnight is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He is an international superstar with a career that has span more than 25 years, 19 albums, 17 Grammy nominations, American Music Awards, and Billboard Songwriter of The Year.

See the iconic artist live at the Golden Nugget Lake Charles Friday, June 23Tickets are on sale now! All guests must be 21 or older.

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