When you've had a long, storied career, you gain wisdom. Few rappers are as wise or respected as Bun B, one half of the legendary Port Arthur, Texas rap group UGK and an accomplished solo act, in his own right. If you're seeking an artist with a well-thought out point of view on the goings-on of modern rap, you'd want to look no further than Bun. He sits down with XXL for Views, where he dishes on everything from rappers making exorbitant jewelry purchases, to the current success of the Texas-bred Travis Scott.

When asked about the topic of rappers spending a lot of money on jewelry, Bun is sympathetic. "Obviously, when I was their age, I did the same thing, too," he states. With that said, he's still offering younger rappers some advice when it comes to the price of keeping your neck on ice. "What you pay for jewelry isn't necessarily what jewelry is worth. If you pay $35,000  for a piece, its probably only worth $35,000 dollars to you." Bun also understands the point of copping jewels just to stunt, but dives deeper on the real reason people do it; "Buying jewelry isn't really about the piece, or what you're buying, its the fact that you can buy it."

Bun also talks about Texas' latest superstar, Travis Scott, fresh off of the runaway success of his new album, Astroworld. "Coming from where he comes from, to make it to where he's made it at, usually doesn't happen," Bun explains, sharing just how tough it is to blow up. "It shows that there's something special about him and the way that he expresses himself musically, and the way that he's able to connect with people, particularly at his shows." High praise from lifelong Texas ambassador Bun, who has also given back to Travis' hometown of Houston via a hip-hop and religion course at Rice University.

Check out the rest of Bun's takes on various topics in rap, both large and small, in the video below. Be sure to check out his new album Return of the Trill, too.

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