I was on my way to work today and decided to reach out to my friend Eligha Guillory to have him come through and push the importance of our listeners getting out and voting. Ironically he mentioned a press conference where the Calcasieau mayors were coming together to issue a voting challenge.


I couldn't pass up this opportunity as this was some huge for our community and our listeners. I remember when I was turning 18 years old and this was the election where a candidate from Arkansas was running. His name was Bill Clinton, and he really had the young voters excited about getting out to the polls. Another really big thing for me was the fact that my mother and I went to go and vote on the same day. So I could not pass up this event today. We had six mayors come in today from Lake Charles, Sulphur, Westlake, Dequincy, Iowa and Vinton who accepted the challenge.

Everyone got up and spoke and talked about the importance of voting and took the challenge. Each mayor would donate one hundred dollars and to the city to reach 45% percent turnout then all of the profits in the pot would be given to that particular mayor to use for a charity or cause of their choice. Also the school board is going to allow a jeans day for the schools whose district get the biggest turnout. I think this is a wonderful deal and I really hope that on November 21st, that we can get the people out to go and vote. It's important and it is a right that we should not want to lose.

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