There was excitement in the air this morning as I got up and prepared to come to work. However the excitement wasn't about an upcoming meeting or new music that I would be listening for, it was about voting today.

As I went to my polling location to cast my vote, I couldn't help but to look around and see some of the senior citizens who were standing in line and just as excited as I was. I overheard one gentlemen saying that a change needs to be made and If my vote helps then so be it.

The line wasn't very long, but I count that to the great work all of the volunteers were doing inside to get everyone in and out in a timely fashion. Make sure you get out and vote today. It is our right and it is very important. Let the grinches sit back and complain while still reaping benefits that we all fight for. If there are still questions about what or who to vote for, all of the information is located here. Don't let the weather, a disagreement or anything stop you from getting out and voting. The polls are open til 8 pm tonight and you can knock it out during lunch or while you're picking up your kids.

This is the midterm elections but it's just as important as we are working to put some of our local potential candidates in very important positions.

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