Today in Tha Wire Carolina Panthers superstar quarterback Cam Newton was involved in a two-car accident Tuesday (Dec. 9).  Get all the latest details.

Cam Newton -Getty Images
Cam Newton -Getty Images

In a shocking turn of events, Carolina Panthers superstar quarterback Cam Newton was involved in a two-car accident Tuesday (Dec. 9).  ESPN reports Cam's accident took place by the Panthers stadium around 12:30 pm ET.  According to Charlotte police, both Newton and the other driver were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The NFL quarterback has two transverse process fractures in his lower back, but thankfully no further internal or head injuries.  At this time it's doubtful he's going to be able to lead his team against Tampa Bay this Sunday.

Getty Images
Getty Images

God knows, he's very blessed to be alive.  Panthers GM, Dave Gettleman, confirmed in a telephone interview from Texas that Newton was still in the hospital as of this morning. ESPN reports Gettleman was at the league owners' meeting in Irving, Texas, on Tuesday when his office called to inform him about the accident.  Realizing this could have been a lot worse, he said, "I'm just thankful he was wearing a seat belt and everyone involved is all right."

Newton was held overnight for observation at Carolina s Medical Center and is listed to be "in fair condition".  It's said after he undergoes some testing, he'll be released later today.

An eye witness to Tuesday’s accident, Tony Douglas, told the Charlotte Observer, he was walking down the street when he saw a Buick sedan and Newton’s truck collide.  According to Douglas, Newtons truck was headed south, when the sedan stuck it crossing over in opposite direction

Douglas said the 25-year old football superstar was "was alert after the crash, but visibly in pain.”  The Buick, had temporary Georgia license tags, and came to a stop with heavy damage to its front-right end.  Another eye witness, Karen Sullivan, was walking when she saw the accident as well.  She claims Newtons truck passed over top of the sedan and become airborne before, rolling over a few times.

Sullivan told reporters, by the time the truck came to a stop, all the windows where blown out.  Incredibly, Newton was able to lifted himself out of the back window and staggered to the side of the road, where he waited for paramedics to come.

After 20 minutes of roadside care, he and the other driver were put on gurneys, fitted with neck braces and loaded into ambulances.

This is the former No. 1 draft picks 4th season and if Newton can't play Sunday, veteran Derek Anderson will sit in once again.  Anderson led the Panthers to a 20-14 victory over the Tampa Bay in Week 1, when Newton was out with fractured ribs and I'm sure the Panthers are hoping he can do it again.

Speaking of which, the Panthers said in a statement Tuesday afternoon, "Right now we have thought about Cam's well-being and we understand there was someone else in the other car who was injured," the team said. "We just hope that they're all OK."

Below is the latest update on his condition.  The Panthers will take on the Bucs this Sunday at  12 noon CT.

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