In the last year and a half, Cardi B has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame. Apparently, the adjustment to life in the limelight has taken its toll on the Bronx rapper as she recently admitted to feeling trapped and sad due to trying to conform to industry standards.

The revelation came on Saturday (April 6) via Twitter after a fan called out the "Money" rapper for not being a shining example to adolescent girls. "I love you ALOT but I don't agree with the messages you've been sending us young girls," the fan wrote. "So many of us look at you as a role model and that should send a very loud message."

After getting wind of the mention, Cardi responded. "For these past two years I been watching what I say and I haven’t been myself," she started. "I been feeling trap[ped] and sad cause it’s not ME but everybody tell me to be it for me to be this 'rolemodel' and guess what? People still spit my past right in my face so for now imma be my old self again."

Cardi has been the center of criticism since video surfaced of her admitting to drugging and robbing men before her life as a rapper. She later stated the men were conscious, willing and aware. The video has sparked tons of backlash and at least one person has totally made up a story about being one of the rapper's victims. Rick Ross has come to Cardi's defense as well as her husband Offset. Old Bardi back?

Check out Cardi's tweet below.

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