The Peoples Station 107 Jamz celebrates Black History Month and we talk about trendsetters and pioneers in our culture. If you are from Louisiana then you definately know all about the screw sound. This is the art of slowing down the music for those to ride to and it was created by Robert Earl Davis A.K.A. DJ Screw.



During the 90's is when the style was started by DJ Screw. He was already known for doing mixtapes in his neighborhood and had folks driving from all over to purchase theirs. The sound became popular as alot of folks started emulating his style, but always gave credit to DJ Screw. He eventually helped spawn the careers of artist like Lil Keke, Fat Pat, Z-RO, Lil O and so many more. Unfortunately Screw passed away at the young age of 29 in November of 2000. It was confirmed that it was due to the mixture of codeine and other prescription drugs being mixed together. Although he was a true gem to the art of screwing music and creating an entirely new way of making and enjoying music. He will be missed and his sound is being carried on from dj's to artist who use his music today. This moment in Black History features DJ Screw R.I.P to the homie.

DJ Screw- June 27th:


DJ Screw Story: