When I look at the way the world is going today. The way we as a people are so divided by politics and race. I had to acknowledge someone who tried his best to fight against all of this.

When you look at some of our celebrities who rightfully are being criticized for doing wrong and physically hurting people. I can't help but to think of the treatment and criticism that Dr Martin Luther King Jr received and all he was trying to do was see that everyone got along together.He was a man who really fought for the rights of blacks and tried to make sure we were treated equally. But he was shunned by those in his own circle, targeted by J Edgar Hoover and The F.B.I and had his own inner demons that he had to deal with.

But today I wanted to remember the man whom I remember hearing about from my mother and brothers. I had the pleasure of going to Atlanta this week and visiting his church Ebenezer Baptist Church and it spoke to me through my soul.

Dr. King would have celebrated his 90th birthday and I am sure he would be just as positive as he was then and would have potentially been the first black president. His messages rang true to all of us and I invite you to tune in this Monday as we will feature various snippets from some of his speeches over the year.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, we remember you and while we have come so far with your help. I am well aware that we have so much further to go. If you get the opportunity check out a documentary called "King in the Wilderness". It follows his last years on this earth and the battles he had to endure along with criticism coming from all aspects of his life.

Remember the reason why there will be no school and some jobs are not required to open on next Monday January 21st as the national King Holiday will be celebrated. As I mentioned if you haven't checked out the documentary "King In The Wilderness", Check out the trailer below.

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