Overall the weekend I went to Atlanta for the MBE Conference where I had the chance to network with many in the industry of radio and music. While I had one of the best times ever and got to meet plenty of great people who I was able to build relationships with. But the ultimate for me was being able to go to take a brief tour of the Ebenezer Baptist Church

When I walked into the church the feeling was truly surreal. The sanctuary was upstairs and as I was walking up the stairs, I could hear talking. I assumed that it was a group up there also taking a tour. Once I walked in I could see that it was Dr. Martin Luther King Jrs voice playing over the speakers.

When I tell you that I felt a chill, that would be an understatement. Hearing his voice boldly coming through a great sound system almost made me feel that I was there in the church as he was speaking words of encouragement to the congregation. The tour guide also came in and started telling us about his mother being killed in the church for a mad man who felt he was eliminating evil. Ebenezer Baptist Church was his first stop as he was going to make a round to various churches and attempt to kill pastors in all places.

Check out some of the pics from the tour. I will eventually be going back to get the full tour with the Museum and more,  but this was truly one of the most eventful moments of the weekend.

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