Chance the Rapper performed a heartwarming tribute to the late boxing icon Muhammad Ali at the 2016 ESPYs Awards on Wednesday night (July 13).

Backed by Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment, as well as singer Jamila Woods, the Chicago native sung an original tune called “I Was a Rock,” an orchestral, piano-driven ode to the “Greatest of All Time.”

"Ain't nowhere greater / Ain't nowhere brighter / Ain't nowhere better / Ain't no one prettier / Ain't no one wiser/ Ain't no one better,” he sang. "I was a rock 'n' roller back in my day, but now I'm just a rock.”

During Chance's rendition, the video screen behind him flashed memorable photographs of a smiling Ali at the height of his boxing career. The performance was also bookend with Ali's famous thought-provoking discussion about his retirement plans.

After his touching performance, Chance the Rapper went on his Twitter account to express his thanks. Read his tweet below:

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