Got a sweet tooth? There is a new business in town that has the cure! Stop by Nicole's Bakery at 2100 Kirkman St., Unit C, in Lake Charles. To my knowledge, this is the first authentic Mexican bakery in SWLA.

Good news travels fast! Customers are raving about all the delightful, freshly baked goods available at Lake City's newest bakery. You will find a wide variety of authentic Mexican cuisines, such as bread and things like tamales. They also make cakes for all special occasions, so order yours today.

Nicole's Bakery celebrated its grand opening Thursday, March 2, and officially opened for business daily. Call ahead to order your next birthday cake or to learn more about the menu items at (337) 764-7212

In honor of its grand opening, Nicole's Bakery is running a special for its delicious homemade bread. Stop in and get yours today for only $1.00 through March 9. This authentic Mexican bakery sells a large variety of baked goods and foods. Below is a list of a few menu items you will find:

*cakes for all occasions
*large variety of sweet bread
*hot corn tortillas everyday
*Homemade flour tortillas

As you can see, there are plenty of baked goods at Nicole's Bakery to enjoy. Coming soon in the very near future, Nicole's Bakery will introduce barbecue, menudo soup, and carnitas!

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