While I have never met this guy. Being in radio as long as I have. We are all fans of a great radio voice. This young man hails from the DC area and is syndicated on several radio shows and does plenty of voice overs for other events including hosting.


Well he goes  by the name of Marcellus Bassman Shepard and when you hear his voice, you'll see why he is called the Bassman. Now whether or not this is a real television station remains to be seen, but he kills the weather report like not other. Check it out now and get a laugh while you're at it.


Bassman's Weather Report:

Wow did he just say Quaaludes for Bill Cosby. I think it's safe to say that he won't be asked to make any appearances on any future Cosby reunions. It's great to see radio guys have fun as alot of that has left and been taken away. The guy was hilarious and I am sure we will be seeing more videos from him soon.

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