I first got my opportunity to do radio when I was about thirteen years old. It was at WNBN, which was a locally Black-owned radio station - the first ever in my hometown. Now obviously, I was happy to be able to be on the radio and talk to people so that they would be able to hear me loud and clear. It was also a chance for my mom to hear me on the radio. She was always supportive in whatever I wanted to do in my life as long as it was legal and I loved it.

I remember having many mentors who would take me under their wings and allow me to ask questions and make mistakes. One thing I learned from being in the radio business was being a part of the community and doing whatever you can do to assist in their time of need is a must.

I have interviewed many celebrities, met many business owners, and even made some friends along the way. I love radio, whether it's being able to help raise funds for a house fire victim or helping local organizations raise funds. Radio is a part of my DNA, and I love being able to make a difference with people who listen to me daily. It could come from listeners hearing the intro to my show and reciting it word for word. It could be a story I told or something they heard in an interview. You never know how you can influence and affect someones life. This is what I love about radio.

I have been in radio now for thirty-three years and I still have the same love for it now as I did being that thirteen-year-old in Meridian. I don't know how much longer radio will love me, butI hope it will be until I decide to hang up the headphones and walk away on my own.

I can tell you that this will not be any time soon, and as soon as things get back to normal, I am going to be back out there in them streets networking and helping as much as I possibly can. I was always told to find your "Why" in something and get behind that. When it comes to radio there, are a few of those Whys and that includes the love for people, my love for music, and knowing that what I am doing is helping someone else.

Check out a few pictures of me doing what I love.

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