When you think about the name fly jock. There is only one name that comes to mind and that is of the very talented and respected Tom Joyner. Today Tom hangs up his headphones for what is his last radio show. The Tom Joyner Morning Show has been a staple on Urban radio for decades and has spawned some talented individuals like Myra J, Sybil Wilkes and J Anthony Brown.

Tom Joyner is also known for being an ally for college students attending an HBCU as he has held the Fantastic Voyage cruise and created the Tom Joyner Foundation to assist with making sure that African American students would be able to further their education and succeed as a great asset and contributor to the world.

For those wondering how he inherited the name The Fly Jock. It was due to him flying from Dallas to Chicago for 8 years straight hosting a morning show at KKDA and an afternoon show at WGCI which would later be described by Tom as the self proclaimed Hardest working man in radio. In 1994 Tom signed a deal that would make him the first African American to host a syndicated daily radio show and that show has been on the radio every since.

While I have never had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with Tom personally. I have had an encounter with him in New Orleans for one of his famous Sky Shows. During that time he would allow local radio personalities to speak and give local updates about things going on in their respective series. I was on stage to give mine but unfortunately time didn't permit and I lost my moment lol.

Tom Joyner has been a staple for the African American community touching on things that matter including Police Brutality, racism and a staunch promoter.


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