It seems as if Chris Brown is very apologetic about the recent outburst that he had after the Good Morning America interview.

Singer Chris Brown headed over to BET’s “106 and Park” program on Wednesday to promote his new album “F.A.M.E” and to apologize for his behavior this week on “Good Morning America.” The singer, who appeared agitated during an interview with GMA’s Robin Roberts Monday, stripped off his shirt on the street after the show and reportedly posted an angry Tweet about the media. A window was broken in his dressing room but it’s unclear who was responsible. Yesterday, Brown had this to say about his behavior: “First of all, I want to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office, or anybody who was offended or really looked, and [was] disappointed at my actions.” The singer went on say, “I’m disappointed in the way I acted.Yes, I got very emotional. And I apologize for acting like that. I felt like, ‘OK, they told us this just so they can get us on the show so they can exploit me.’ "You know, that’s what I thought. I kind of took it very, very hard. And I kept my composure throughout the interview, although you could see me upset, you know. I kept my composure and did my performances, and when I got back, I just let off, like, steam in the back,” he said

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Chris really needs to have someone in his corner that is going to really work with him on public relation. He is currently getting a second chance and really needs to capitalize on this situation.