Here's your opportunity to decide whether or not you think a 1% percent property tax should be up for renewal and added to the ballet on the upcoming Open Presidential Primary November 8.  The Lake Charles City Council  wants area citizens to participate in a public hearing scheduled for May 4 at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers, located at 326 Pujo Street.  The purpose of the meeting is to decide on renewing three, 10-year property tax millages.

The 1% percent sales tax is currently being used for the construction, maintenance and repair of public buildings, roads, sidewalks, bridges, drainage, cutting grass, removing and collecting debris, limbs, trash and disposing thereof.  This includes various other public improvements, as well as public safety, sewerage facilities, and public recreation facilities.

All three tax millages are also authorized for maintaining pay increases and starting salaries for employees of the Police, Fire, Public Works, and other departments of the City.

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