One thing I love about Louisiana is the great food we have here. There are also plenty of great cooks in the city who can take a little bit and feed a group of people. Today, I am going to have renowned Chef JJ call into the show. We will be talking him returning for season three of Just Eats with Chef JJ on the CLEO TV channel, and I will probably see if I can get a couple of recipes out of him.

This season, Chef JJ will open up his kitchen to some of his celebrity friends, including social influencer Kela Walker, LA Basketball  Wives Reality TV Star Kristen Scott, and Houston Rapper Slim Thug, just to name a few.

The show can be seen on Saturdays at 11:00am covering global cuisines, signature cocktails, and conversations with some of your favorites. If you would like more information about CLEO TV, visit and check out the CLEO TV YouTube channel. Tune in for the interview today around 6:30.

Check out these shrimp plantain chip nachos:

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