Everyone generally has the notion to want to run their own companies. In other words everyone wants to be a boss. The question that I would ask alot of these people is are you really ready for that responsibility of having folks at your beckoning call.

Not everyone is cut out to be a boss, or for that matter an owner of a company. While there are alot of things that go into owning your company. The company itself does not run on it's own. This means that you have to have reliable and committed people to help you run your company. You need someone to answer phones, great customers and or course keep tabs on finances and some of the day to day businesses. One Houston energy company is showing mad love to their employees with a hell of a bonus.

This shows that this company has alot of respect and love for it's employees with the fact that the receptionist has been there for over 10 years. Keeping great people in place is generally something that is hard to do and making sure that you keep them happy is even more to look at when you have employees. This is a great deal that the company is doing and I am more then sure that the company will not be losing any of their employees anytime soon. While alot of companies are struggling a little, just a little appreciation is all that it takes when you want to keep loyal people in your camp. Kudos to Hilcorp energy for doing what you do for your people and oh yeah are you hiring.

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