This Sunday is the day where Fathers all over the world get recognized for one day. These are the men who will work all day and night to make sure their families are taken care of. This is the day where for the most part the men are spoiled for the day. They are not expected to fix cars, move furniture or take out the trash. These things are to be done no later then midnight Saturday night. It is also the day where Fathers are appreciated for being great Dads to their kids and even step kids.

We did a contest over the week where we teamed up with Man Cave Salon and New Look Fashion to hook up someones Father for this special day. The Father will receive a Gift Certificate from Man Cave Salon and also a Gift Certificate from New Look Fashions for a new suit.

So today I want to say congratulations to our Fathers Day winner who was submitted by his daughter Erin Webb. As a matter of fact here is her comment of what her dad means to her. "My dad is all the positivity in my life. He taught me that there was so much more in this world to see and do then just our lil southern city. He is the most talented photographer I’ve met and I’m not being bias. He is a faith driven , Christian man who donates his spare time to his church. I watch the way he interacts with people. His infectious smile and corny jokes make people adore him. He is happy as long as we are happy. He is my teacher , my friend , my true blessing from God. #daddygirl4life" So we say congratulations to Eric Webb for being a great man and an all around good guy. You are the winner for the Fathers Day contest sponsored by Man Cave Salon and New Look Fashions.

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