Congratulations are in order for the team that would not stop. The Washington Marion Charging Indians who have brought the Championship back to Lake Charles. This was the first championship win for the Charging Indians in 30 years and while it has not gone from lack of trying, I guess it can be assumed that it just wasn't meant to be.

Washington Marion defeated A.J. Ellender with a score of 65-58 under the leadership of Coach Albert Hartwell to nab the 2017 State Championship title. We were on the edge the entire time the game was going on. First of all let me say that I have never seen so many people inside the Burton Coliseum, there were cars parked all over the place. I circled the parking lot several times and finally was able to locate a spot. At the time it seemed like the sky dropped and the line to get in was barley moving. This showed me how Lake Charles was there to support there home team whether rain or shine.

These young men played their hearts out and made the city proud. I felt so proud of these guys including the staff and faculty. Being in the stands and hearing the excitement of every cheer and seeing everyone come unglued for a missed shot or loss of the ball. This was what we call a game and whether you are a basketball fan or not, I honestly feel that you would have enjoyed every moment. Again congratulations to the Washington Marion Charging Indians and the entire city on a well deserved accomplishment.

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