Since I have been living here in Lake Charles I have seen my share of Hurricanes and a few Tornadoes here and there. There have been a few fatalities contributed to the storms, along with more then enough losses to homes and alot of personal treasures from residents of Louisiana.


While those who survive unharmed are very fortunate to be alive and still having their family members. You have to wonder what about some of those non replaceable things that we lost in the bad weather. Especially with the floodings. Over the past week, there have been alot of homes lost and my prayers go out to those families with hopes that they can return to some form of normalcy. Well today the word came that they were going to shut the I-10 Bridge down at the Louisiana- Texas border at around 9 am this morning due to flooding. This could potentially be a serious issues as the I-10 bridge is really the most used lifeline for our travel needs. They are recommending that everyone chooses the I-20 route, but how would that actually work.


Well it's now around 10:30 am and the roads haven't closed yet. There is talk that they may leave it open a little bit longer as they realize how much of an inconvenience that this will be. To all of my travelers out there, please be careful and unless it's mandatory that you get on the roads try to avoid it. Props to all of those in the city and abroad who are working diligently to get things rolling again for us here and make sure you keep it here for updates on road closures and other important traffic information for you.

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