Although the crawfish season got off to a relatively slow start, there is no shortage of mudbugs for the Mardi Gras holiday.

That’s according to Dr. Greg Lutz with the LSU Ag Center who says the mild winter Louisiana has helped crawfishermen catch up. But he says because supplies are up, everybody wants to get their hands on a sack.

“My advice would be call ahead, try to reserve a sack or two sacks because when the supply is up in this kind of situation, the demand is up, as well.”

Lutz says when the weather starts to warm up, people start to have crawfish boils plus the Lenten season is set to start.

“And it works out just fine because that’s usually when the peak of the harvest comes. That’s when those baby crawfish that hatched out in the fall are just getting big enough it hit the market.”

Lutz says the further we get into the season, the more helpful rain becomes to freshen up the ponds but currently the weather is doing just fine for the harvest. He says the prices per pound for mudbugs all depend on supply and demand.

“When you’ve got nice weather like this and everybody partying, everybody wants to get some crawfish, that can drive the price up over the course of one or two days.”

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