Always trust a man who loves to eat, especially cookies! My co-worker Buddy Russ spotted a Crumbl Cookies truck in Lake Charles a few weeks ago and did a post on his suspicions about their visit. Granted their trucks aren't hard to miss because they're pink, but that's beside the point! Russ and his close relationship with sweets paid off in a big way and lead him to discover the folks from Crumbl might have been doing more than just visiting SWLA.

Russ did a little digging and learned there was a good possibility that the famous cookie company was planning to open a bakery right here in Lake Charles! Which would be awesome because the closest locations are in Lafayette, LA, or Beaumont, TX. Shouts out to ol' Buddy Russ, for doing the groundwork.

The rumors are true. Crumbl Cookies is indeed gearing up to open its first store right here in Lake City! Even better, the folks from Crumbl got so much positive feedback from Russ's post they sent us an email to thank us for the love. Then, they gave us some exclusive info about their forthcoming Lake Charles bakery location:

Hey guys,
We’ve seen your articles posted on Facebook and we wanted to let you know first that Crumbl Cookies is officially coming to Lake Charles at 1704 W Prien Lake Rd. Thank you for keeping the excitement alive in our community!

Just like that. Now we have the answer to Buddy Russ's question, "where is it going to open up in Lake Charles?" You heard it here first! The makers of the most delicious cookies on the planet, wrapped in the famous pink box, are opening soon. When? Stay tuned!

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