Our good friend Cupid is back and making a popular Louisiana term popular all over the world. The terminology "Choo" is something that was started here to describe just how beautiful or fine a young lady is especially here in the boot. Check out the video from his latest album "Dance Fever" featuring Chris Ardoin.


Cupid featuring Chris Ardoin- "Choo":

Cupid has been making his rounds lately on the sold out comedy tour "I Got People Inside My Head" comedy tour featuing Junior, Tony Roberts and Preston. The show has been the talk of the town with plenty of folks coming out to support. Also on the show Nephew Tommy brings out his alter ego Oatmeal and teams up with Cupid for their single 2X4!

Make sure you support the movement of the homie Cupid and shouts out to Chris for giving him a banging track to really keep the clubs popping around here. Cupid should be at a town near you and also be on the lookout for the new album Chris Ardoin dropping later this summer.