As we mourn the tragedy in Las Vegas, where an alleged gunman, Stephen Paddock, shot and killed at least 58 and injured 500 attendants at a Las Vegas concert on Monday morning, October 2, stars from all over have been speaking out.

When TMZ caught up with comedian/actor D.L. Hughley, his message was that "it's easier in America to buy 10 assault weapons than 2 packs of Sudafed". "ISIS ain't got s**t on Us's", said the famed comic.

He also touched on Nevada's lax gun laws, and asked why is it so we need those types of guns in America, to begin with? Hughley is not against people owning guns, but he is against the kind of guns that can kill 58 people, and injure over 500 at once.

Tell us what you think in the comments below, do you agree with D.L. Hughley?

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