If you were to say anthing about Damon Dash, one thing that is accurate is that he's always been about enterprising. And while the brainchild behind the house that he, Jay Z and Kareem "Biggs" Burke built has yet to see success matching the glory years of those Roc-A-Fella Records days, he has managed to keep his feet wet in the game via various business ventures and his willingness to innovate.

The latest venture for Dame Dash is into the world of DIY, independent filmmaking. No newbie to the movie scene -- as cult classics like State Property and Paid in Full serve as evidence of Dash's potential -- he returns to the screen with a new film, Loisaidas. The effort is executive produced by Kanye West and features appearances from Dash himself, as well artists such as the Lox, Murda Mook and Smoke DZA.

Judging from the first clip, the film is a crime drama and will include plenty of guns, drugs and other staples of the fast and flashy criminal lifestyle. The effort will also feature impromptu music-centric scenes and bit performances from the rappers involved. While details on what we should expect from the series are scarce at the moment, the downside is that you may have to pay to watch the series. Pre-orders for the remaining episodes of the film can be found here.

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