On Monday August 16, the Lake Area lost an important member of the community when Dr. Timothy Boreing took his own life. His daughter, Caroline Boreing, recently spoke out about the loving father he was and how proud she and her siblings were to have him in their lives. As her family and friends mourn his loss, she bravely wanted to bring awareness to a condition her dad was struggling with.

She sat down with 7News and shared that her wonderful father had been diagnosed with a debilitating ear condition called Tinnitus. Caroline said her dad loved his patients and had a great sense of humor, but losing his hearing and suffering with tinnitus. Caroline told the news that he had acute hearing loss and that the tinnitus, "was sudden and came out of nowhere.” Imagine the frustration of being an eye doctor and trying to help patients with ringing in your ears, no one else can hear.

Severe cases of tinnitus can cause ringing, buzzing, whistling or hissing in one or both ears, with no relief. It can also cause dizziness, headaches, vomiting, anxiety and more. There is no cure for the condition, but it is very important to know that there is treatment.

Many thanks to the bravery of Caroline Boreing for speaking out about the heartbreaking condition that led to her fathers death. Because of her, more people are now aware of Tinnitus and how incredibly difficult it can be living with the condition. At the same time if someone is suffering with the same condition, they can get help to enjoy a better quality of life. We are praying for her families continued strength as they mourn his loss.

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