After this tragic weekend, I guess it just reminds us all how short life truly is.  Diddy had a bit of a scare shortly after he hosted a party of the weekend himself.  Yesterday he was rushed to the hospital .  Press play now to hear Tha Wire and find out what happened.  Plus, over the weekend Lil Wayne was talking about signing another artist to his growing roster at Young Money.  Well, it's official, he made good on his promise and you'll never guess who it is!


There's not a single person who's not gonna miss Whitney's beautiful face and voice.   She was THE best at what she did and there will never be another singer like her.   She was rare gem.  That being said, believe it or not, Whitney never got a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.  However, that may soon change.  Press play and find out why.


And Lord have mercy, Nicki took it to a whole OTHER level for her Grammy performance Sunday didn't she?  I'm honestly still confused about the whole thing to tell you the truth.  However, The Catholic League isn't confused, their pissed.  Ironically enough, they aren't blaming Nicki for her performance, their blaming the The Recording Academy.  Find out why now.  Plus here what they had to say about her show.  Get all of today's juicy details now with Tha Wire: 



Don't call it a comeback, but Lil Kim is gearing up to drop a new EP and get some camera time this week.  For starters, catch the Queen B as a guest on Bravo's talk show "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen tomorrow at 10pm.

Kim is scheduled to preview part of a new song during the show, with the full track going on sale at the end of the week.  Plus, Kim is gonna be kickin it at a ski resort in the near future.  Lil Kim is going  to host a ski trip with Rick Ross and Meek Mill in Pennsylvania on the 27th.


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