People I thought I had seen and heard it all.  But, I haven't!!!!!!  If your familiar with the Vh1 hit reality series "Love & Hip-Hop", then you know that Jim Jones' mom made a diss song/video "Psychotic B*tch" to express her feelings about Jim's girl Chrissy.  As you can imagine, it didn't go well with The Cappo.  He was pissed and deeply hurt that his mom would embarrass him, disgrace herself and publicly diss his girl.  Well move over Mama Jones, here comes Frankie.............HOLLA!!!!!It's like a battle of the crazy moms, seriously!  What can I say, they're tryin to get their shine on too.  Keyshia Cole's mama Frankie Lons is looking to make her mark and has officially released her single and video the "Frankie Leg".

So, in the spirit of mama's everywhere gettin it how they live, I give you both videos.  Don't be ashamed if find yourself chanting the churus to "Psychotic B*tch" in the shower or bustin the "Frankie Leg" the next time you go out.  It's ok.  Your only human.  Question though, who goes the hardest?  You be the judge:


Mama Jones- Psychotic B*tch


Frankie Lons- Fankie Leg


Yes people, this is for real!  Poor Jimmie, poor Keyshia.  Wow!


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