Now that the I-210 construction is underway for the next year or more, traffic has been and is a catastrophe around Lake Charles.  So I was thinking what about Ferry service of the lake.

Both Westbound and Eastbound lanes of I-210 on the bridge are down to one lane which is causing major traffic back ups in the mornings as people try to make it to work on time as they are heading to the plants.on the West side in Sulphur.

Then in the evenings it seems like most of the plants let out at the same time which causes Eastbound on I-10 and I-210 to back up severely too.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Would a ferry service over the lake make sense?  I mean would it relieve some of the traffic issues.  It is taking people 30 minutes to an hour to get thru this traffic to make it to the West side of the parish.

Your thoughts?

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