It's no secret, the LAPD has had a pretty bad image when it comes to the public they serve.  Even before the horrific Rodney King beating was shown to the world, they had been notoriously known for police brutally years prior to that.


California citizens feel, not much has changed.  If anything, their worse and firing an highly decorated officer like Christopher Dorner is proof that nothing is being done about police violence against citizens.  A rally Christopher Dorner supporters has began in protest to LAPD tactics.


What are your thoughts about the manhunt?  Was it handled appropriately or could the LAPD have handled this better?  What do you think about the protestors?  Are they crazy or is their rally justified?  Tell us what you think.


Everyone deserves a second chance and a Chicago reverend is hoping that 17-year old rapper Chief Keef will take that opportunity.  Keef is currently serving time for violating his probation and unfortunately for him, once he's done serving his time he's gonna have to deal with a child support lawsuit.  In the meantime, a Chicago reverend known as the "rooftop pastor" says he and Keef plan on meeting up when he gets out.  Find out why below with Tha Wire.

In other news, It's not uncommon for celebrities to have massive problems with the IRS.  Greats like Red Foxx, Jackie Wilson, Sinbad and more have had their share of problems with Uncle Sam.  Wesley Snipes is one of the few celebs that's been handed prison sentences for not paying taxes.



Hopefully, Mary J. Blige and Snoop Lion wont have to get locked up for the same reason.  Below, find out what the IRS is looking to collect from the two superstars and why.  Get all of today's juicy details now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire now: