Well Drakes second release has dropped today and although it was officially on the streets last week. The reviews are somewhat mixed on several sides. I have had a chance to check out the new release and I have to admit, it is pretty good. It is almost unfair for me to compare it to the previous release "Thank Me Later" but I have to admit I did. There are no standout party tracks like "Fancy" but there are several cuts for the ladies. One that really stands out is " Under Ground Kings" and it really pays homage to some of his southern roots. It is widely known that Drakes father lives in Memphis, Tennessee and he talks about the Underground Legends and the style of southern music. Also one of my favorites is "HYFR", you must get the cd if you wanna know what that stands for, but lets just say, he teamed with Lil Wayne and this track is the truth!  Another standout track is "The Real Her" and it features the long awaited feature from Andre 3000, and it does not dissappoint at all.


There are over 16 tracks from the new cd and if you are a Drake fan, you may wanna skip the bootleg man and get you a copy that you can really ride with and enjoy. There are of course songs for the ladies and even for the lovers, but the fellas will not be upset at all for the work that this man has put into his project.


In my Opinion I would have to give Drake an 8 for a job well done and a great followup with plenty of success to come in the upcoming year. So in the words of Drizzy Drake " Take Care" until next time!!

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