Jay-Z isn't a follower, however this go around he's following in the footsteps of Ludacris and Dr. Dre and joining the ranks of the French brandy business.


While Jay is expanding his ever growing brand, a black cloud is developing over the Jimi Hendrix biopic.  As previously reported the film was scheduled to start filming this month in Ireland.  It's possible that it wont happen.  His estate has a few issues with producers of the


film, but hopefully they can find a happy medium.  For more info, scroll down to her Tha Wire.

In even more news, after 15 Cissy Houston is once again pouring her heart into music.  The legendary Gospel artist had a traumatic first part of the year, and still struggles with the loss of her only daughter Whitney Houston.  Somehow, she's found the strength to live and sing again.  Find out how you can get her new music now.  For all of today's details press play now to hear Tha Wire: 



Drake had to cut his concert short this past Tuesday, per the police!  Drake is on the road in support of his Take Care album.  His Club Paradise tour was the hottest ticket in town in Irvine, California this week, but unfortunately as quick as this got started...it ended.

During his performance, officials forced him to cut his set short because the show was running late and they feared the noise could upset people living nearby.  After the show the 25 year old tweeted: "Police made me cut the show short but I love you all for rocking with me Irvine."  All in all, he had to drop three songs from his set.

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