Fox is really looking to prove why it's newest drama was made to be an 'Empire.' The production crew created multiple slots for celebrity appearances on last night's episode including those made by Gladys Knight, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Tasha Smith ('Why Did I Get Married,' 'Jumping the Broom') and Timbaland's latest prodigy, V. Bozeman. But the supporting guest roles didn't deter viewers from the growing family drama and deceit metastasizing across Chicago.

This episode offers a number of pressing matters, but none seem to be more present than Lucious Lyon's best friend's murder. For those who don't know, the cast likes to call him Bunkie. By now it's no secret that Lucious gunned down the man that's had his back from the beginning at point-blank range, but it was a viewers' surprise to find out Bunkie was Cookie's cousin. That makes his death a little more interesting. But the sultry part about Bunkie's death is the way the family uses sex -- and money -- to try to cover it up.

If anyone remembers last week's episode, it's clear sex is the family's go-to form of trade. Lucious turns to his eldest son to reach out to his "friend" at City Hall for help the moment he gets wind that there's an alleged eyewitness and a detective investigating the case. And Andre, well he wastes no time. He's quick to follow his wife's footsteps when it comes to bending (people) over to get what she wants. You know, how she was quick to put on a bib and get on her knees during last week's episode when she was trying to convince him to do things her way. But clearly their method seems to be working.

Meanwhile, Lucious' girlfriend, Anika, thinks she has a trick or two up her sleeve when she hires a private investigator to follow Cookie around because she thinks she's out to "hurt" her ex-husband and Empire Entertainment. The P.I. catches a few flicks of Cookie with her federal agents and Lucious is quick to confront his snitch of an ex-wife. However, Cookie isn't new to this. And here's the kicker, the Feds say they've been building this case against "Frank" for five years and won't have Lucious around to ruin it. So the question here is, who's Frank?

Just to throw this in there, is anyone else wondering how Hakeem pulled Tianna? Are those d--- pics on the Internet the new turn on for women in Hollywood these days?

And as the beat goes on, Jamal finds himself still working with his mother to earn his father's approval. Unfortunately, Lucious sees him as "some sensitive punk" that lives with his "bitch." Well, there's fatherly love on modern television for you. But by the end of this episode, Jamal decides he's not going to take it anymore and tells his father he can have it all because "my obedient ass is no longer for sale."

Boom! Until next week.

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