Hunter Tribe and Brittney Reed of Erath, LA were invited to the Rachael Ray Show—but Brittney had no idea she would be getting the surprise of a lifetime.

She thought it was to be with her boyfriend Hunter as he received a special pair of glasses that will help offset vision loss caused by a degenerative eye condition, and allow him to see her for the first time in their relationship.

Boy, was she in for a treat.

You see, Brittney was watching Rachael Ray one day when she saw a man who suffered from Stargardt disease, a form of juvenile macular degeneration that causes progressive vision loss.

The man received special glasses from a Toronto company called eSight that allowed him to see his wife. Brittney's boyfriend Hunter has been considered legally blind for nearly 20 years due to that exact condition, so she decided to reach out to the show.

Rachael Ray's people ended up responding to her, and after going back and forth with producers, Brittney arranged to fly them all up to NYC to get Hunter fitted for these amazing eSight glasses that would finally allow him to see her.

Hunter, owner of CrossFit Cayenne in Abbeville, was THRILLED when he finds out—but he decided to go behind Brittney's back to come up with a little bombshell of his own.

He contacted the people at the Rachael Ray Show to set up a surprise proposal on live television, and as you can see in the video above Brittney had NO idea.

But wait, it gets even better.

Not only was Hunter able to see his beautiful girlfriend for the first time. Not only was he able to ask her to be his wife on live television. Hunter and Brittney will now be putting together a 'Wedding In A Week' thanks to the Rachael Ray Show!

We're excited to watch this local couple get hitched on the show and we wish them nothing but the best.

Hunter and Brittney will tie the knot February 19 live on the Rachael Ray Show.


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