There is nothing like the first ceremonial chords of the Wedding March. All in attendance rise to their feet and turn to see the beautiful bride and her escort proceeding down the aisle. This is where mothers will cry and strong fathers will become weak.  The shaking groom will gaze at the vision of beauty that is approaching him. That is how it's supposed to happen.

I am of the opinion that every wedding is beautiful in its own way. For those of us on the outside we probably are not grasping the beauty of this ceremony. It might help if we could get the horn  player to stop making all that noise.

Oh, wait, he's playing the wedding march? Oh, well I didn't figure that out by listening. I thought maybe the bride and her Dad were going to walk down the aisle to punch him in the throat for screwing up the wedding.

Now that I know he is supposed to be doing that, never mind. It's absolutely gorgeous. Well played my friend you have given your friends a wedding that will live on forever on the internet.

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