Erica And Warryn Campbell who we all know from the hit show "We Are The Campbells". Many may not be familiar with the fact that Erica is one half of the duo Mary Mary and Warryn is the producer of most of their biggest hits. Well during the finale of the show they talked about doing a single together and releasing the video for the song.

Now the single is available for all to purchase "All Of My Life" while it's got a contemporary sound, the message is still the same for the happily married duo. Will this be something that is coming from her solo album, or maybe just a song they decided to put out between records. Either way check out the video below of the beautiful couple.


Erica Campbell And Warryn Campbell- "All Of My Life":


If you are a fan of their work then this is not anything new to you. But if you are just tuning into them, you go back and listen to the older stuff from Mary Mary. You can also find Warryns group 7 Sons Of Soul along with his Brother In Law Teddy Campbell. I am sure there are more things to come from the duo and it's only a matter of time before the take over happens.



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