When you're ahead of your work for the day and you in the building with one of the wildest guys out there Chilli. What else is there to do, but to have a little fun. It's been a minute since Chilli and I have actually combined to drop a video, but I promise you that you won't have to wait that long again.

So it's Wednesday and Chilli got a hold of some very expensive looking glasses in my office. The rest is history as we wanted to take a little time to wish you all a very happy Wednesday. It's the middle of the week and you know what this weekend is right. It's going to be the Mardi Gras Chicken Run and we will be all in the building for this one. Anyway check out the funny little clip and enjoy.


Erik Tee and Chilli Wilding Out On A Wednesday:

Alright guys enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for making us your number one station for Hip Hop and R&B in the area. We'll be back with more crazy things soon and I'll also talk to you about my first Mardi Gras parade ever.

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