One question that I always get asked by artist when I meet them is what do I have to do to get my music played on the radio. I have been here at 107 Jamz since 2001 and that is one of the most redundant questions, but I generally say the same thing.

Most of the time I am sure that the artist don't want explanations or what they feel are lies, they want their music played and while I can understand that. It's not always that easy to break out like that. Well being in this business I run across plenty of friends who also deal with this every day. Recently Cheryl D Winston from Capitol Records stopped by. This label is running the r&b world with Tyrese, Ne-Yo, Kem and so many more and I wanted to get her take on a few things and see if she could shed some insight. Below and what we decided to come up with.

 Erik Tee Talks With Cheryl D Winston About Breaking Into The Music Business:

I hope this helped and while there are no easy ways, the biggest thing I can say is get a team. Find those who want to see you make it just like you do. Make sure you music is mastered and properly edited and get out their and grind. I actually did a conference for about 3 years in the market. It was called "Get Yo Grind On" and it was all about shedding light and giving resources and information to the artist.


While I think it was a good idea, it didn't last like I wanted it to and since then people have asked if I would consider bringing it back. It has been a thought, but I have to make sure it's the right time and the artist are interested in taking notes and being serious about their craft. What do you think about another conference?