After having a hellacious run in 2015, Fetty Wap's 2016 has been a bit more turbulent. First, he was embroiled in a vicious spat with the mother of his child, Masika. Secondly, he hasn't crafted a chart-topping single so far this year.  Now, it appears that Fetty is finding a way to disappoint his fans after recently missing a scheduled performance at Syracuse's Juice Jam concert.

This past weekend, Fetty was slated to be a headliner for the University's Juice Jam at 5 p.m, but unfortunately, he didn't show up. By 5:40, there was no sign of Fetty or his Remy Boyz crew. An announcement was later made that Fetty wouldn't be performing and that the show was cancelled altogether. Of course, Syracuse students were dejected after spending their little money to see the "679" rapper deliver a promising set that never even happened. They all berated the rapper for his lack of effort to attend the show and conveyed their depreciation for him through Instagram.

“Being a student is a struggle. But I spent $20 anyway to see you and you  didn’t even show up to the f---ing concert. You ain’t sh--, Fetty. This will be the beginning of the end for you. #FettyFLOP.” Another fan chewed out the rapper by saying, “F--- U BUMASS ONE EYED B----.”

So as you can see, Fetty definitely lost some fans at Syracuse. The school responded to him being a no-show with a statement by saying, “Due to unforeseen travel delays today, Fetty Wap was unable to arrive at our venue at the agreed time.”

Take a look at the IG post below.

TSR Staff: Kyle Anfernee Instagram: @Kyle.Anfernee #FettyWap has a lot of students at #SyracuseUniversity upset after he cancelled his performance at the 2016 Juice Jam concert moments before he was supposed to hit the stage _________________________________ According to one of our #Roommates, @uchechukwuma, who attends Syracuse, Fetty was supposed to perform at 5 p.m and at 5:40 they made an announcement that he was not coming and the show was cancelled. _________________________________ She said a lot of people were pissed because it was 20 dollars per ticket, and he was the headliner. Students have pretty much told Fetty off on his Instagram and doesn't look like they're going to whine down anytime soon. _________________________________ The school released a statement saying, _________________________________ "Due to unforeseen travel delays today, Fetty Wap was unable to arrive at our venue at the agreed time. Unfortunately, we--Read More At

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