When the world is going crazy with random senseless violence happening everyday, there is nothing like seeing positivity between a father and his children. Last year, there was a video that shocked the world of a father and his daughter battling it out with a beatboxing competition. While a lot of today's kids never got the chance to enjoy The Fat Boys or Doug E Fresh, Biz Markie and Rahzel, my generation did. This was one of the moments where we actually got to witness people making beats with their mouths.

When this video hit, it struck a cord because people were able to witness a nice bonding going on with families. To see a father who obviously passed on the tradition to his kids is inspiring. It also caught the attention of BET, who placed her in a beatboxing cypher during the BET Hip Hop Awards. The young lady, Nicole Paris, can hold her own in a heavily male dominated world, and now she is back.

The daughter and father duo has come back to release another video, and this time the flavor of the month has a little more spice. I love seeing this. If you have not had the chance to see the video, make sure you take a look and watch it below.

Nicole Paris and Dad Have a Beatbox Off: