When you're really in need of a nap, no place or object is off limits - not even a toilet. Take the kid in the Instagram video above. His dad catches him falling into the toilet bowl mid-nap, and oddly enough, he's still gripping the side of the seat so he hasn't completely fallen in.

The video is from @ChefP_Alday, who took to his personal Instagram with the clip and the caption: "What yo legs do after you than set on the toilet playing in your phone for 30 mins lmao. #chefpjr #movedachains #Alday." Certainly sounds like my morning bathroom break, where I spend too much time playing Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, but don't judge me.

Apparently, Chef P was potty training his son, but because he left his training pot at the baby sitter's, he was forced to have him use the grown-up toilet. According to his Youtube account, "Went to cook him some eggs and came back to this lmao. He strong tho, he was still holding his self up." Hilarious!

Sidenote: I think Chef P is an actual chef, because the food on his Instagram looks booooooomb! Just thought I'd add that in there.

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