A father teaches his son a valuable lesson about lying when his son tries to prank him on the way home from making a deposit at the ATM. I can almost guarantee the kid will think twice about lying or even attempting a prank for that matter.

Cool points to the father for the way he handled the prank, and to the kid because I was never that brave to prank my father!

So I run to an ATM for a quick drop deposit. I tell my son, "I'll be back in 1 minute. Doors and windows are locked. Don't open them or talk to anyone." I returned a minute later, and my Son says, "Dad, don't ever do that again. Two guys looked at me and made a sign that they're watching me." So I drive around the parking lot, heated and ready to stomp on someone, and I realize, my son has a smerk on his face. He was playing a prank on me. So as I drive home, I get him back with the biggest and best prank that he's ever had played on him in his 7 years of being on earth. Son, daddy knows best. Enjoy everyone. - Youtube


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