Is this father’s disciplinary tactics of boxing his 17-year-old son a fair punishemt, or do you think he’s being an abusive bully?

According to the man in the video, not only was his son cutting up in class, but he also disrespected his teacher by walking out of the room while class was in progress. What angered the father the most is that his son did not call to inform him of what happened, instead he waited all day “Like he ain’t gotta come home and see me,” said the man.

The disappointed dad squares up with his son, each with boxing gloves, and they fight for about two minutes, give or take. The son is allowed to fight back, but only gets in a couple of punches. His father puts a good whooping on him, and leaves him with a bloody t-shirt. When it was all said and done, the dad made his son apologize to his teacher on camera.

Personally, I’m on the fence about his disciplinary tactics. My dad would have never made me glove up, he had other ways of discipling my brothers and I, but not every child is the same. Part of me feels like many of the kids out there today could use a good boxing from an older male who cares about them. Many kids, especially in lower income areas, don’t have enough respect in their hearts anymore, and they’re fearless for the wrong reasons.

Not making excuses for the mad dad, but it’s not like he used a belt to whip him, and his son had the ability to fight back. Do you think this type of discipline is ok punishment, or is it harsh punishment from a dad acting like a bully? Sound off in the comments below.

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