Sometimes a good old fashioned butt whipping isn't good enough to make your kid act right, and you've got to bring in the big guns, or bring in gun carrying police officers.

Getting arrested is guaranteed to scare the absolute crap out of almost anyone, especially bad children. Watch the above clip as a father's last resort to make his son stop misbehaving is to have police officers come into his home and arrest him. The father got the fastest apology I've ever seen. You can hear the kid crying and repeatedly saying, "I'm sorry sir!"

Too late now buddy, should have washed those dishes when they asked you the first time… I'm joking, I don't know why the kid was in trouble, it was obviously bad for them to have to bring in the police for support.

In order order to keep "some" children on track, you sometimes have to be a little more tough with some more than others. In my opinion. That does not mean beat your kids though, I have no remorse for people who abuse adults, children, or animals.