Sadly some people haven't progressed with the rest of the world.  Racism is still a HUGE factor here in the good 'ol United States of America. 


For example, some folks in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, are still struggling with the disease.  Recently an African-American couple booked their wedding, had the invitations and programs mailed out all to learn the day before they were to tie the knot, they couldn't marry in the church ... because they were black.

This may be hard to believe but, Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson were told by the pastor of the church they frequented, that they would have to find another venue -- because they were black.  Makes you wonder what God he's worshiping, right?

Hold on it gets better.  Pastor Stan Weatherford, who is white, informed the couple that there has never been a black wedding at the First Baptist Church in Crystal Springs, Miss., since its founding in 1883.  According to Pastor Weatherford, some church members objected strongly to his breaking that precedent.  So strongly that they threatened to oust him from his pastorship if he married the couple.  Amazing how they could praise God together, but because of the color of their skin they couldn't get married in the same building.  Even more so shocking, is the fact that the pastor is condoning this and basically would rather keep his job, that do Gods will.

Mr. Wilson told a local news channel, "My 9-year-old was going to the church with us. How would you say to your 9-year-old daughter, 'We cannot get married here because, guess what sweetie, we're black."

The vast majority of Crystal Springs residents, roughly 5,000, both black and white were outrage over the wedding's forced relocation.   Crustal Springs life long resident 48-year old Theresa Norwood (who is black, but dating a white man) said she was "blown away" by the churches decision.  Ms. Norwood said, she believes Pastor Weatherford should have married the Wilsons regardless of the risk to his job, adding "That church was their home.  What would Jesus have done?  He would have married them, without a doubt, because it's the right thing to do. We're all God's children."

The Wilsons were not members of the church, however they often attended services there and Te'Andrea's father is a member and her uncle is an employee there.  Charles Wilson told local news station WAPT that they had planned to join as members after their wedding, which was held July 20.

The church is now holding internal meetings to figure out how it should respond to future requests by black couples to be married there.

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