We are living in the time of 2012 and believe it or not there are still racist in the great country of ours. Although at times its not as evident, there are some cases where they are and the recent shooting of 17 year old Trayvon Martin is bringing this subject to the forefront. While the case is still pending in how the state of Florida is handeling the suspect George Zimmerman, its really hard to believe that this happened. Apparently the shooter said that he was following Trayvon due to the fact of him looking suspicious in their gated community. There is also a possibility that there was a racial slur used by George in his 911 call. Although he says it under his breath, you can clearly hear something that I choose not to repeat. There needs to be some justice here, and its very sad that someones son won't be coming home anymore and even more then that is the fact that this is nothing new. Let's pray for the family and hope that justice will be served, keep it here for more details and breaking news on this case.



I have a 14 year old son and love him with all my heart, and would hate to think that he can't walk where he wants to, or wear what he chooses to without being harrassed. Let's speak up on this and make sure that our voice is being heard all over. Not just on this matter, but of all injustices where our opinions matter.

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